Friday, February 27, 2009

Buggers, Browns, & Cold Beers

Last night I made an early season trip to Dunbar, PA with my brother Ian to see if we could dredge up some fish on nymphs, and what we found was something just short of a trophy fish for the stream. This 18in brown had thick shoulders and a small kype jaw. It was taken on a size 8 beadhead olive woollybugger I had tied just prior to our trip. Ian was using an unusually long leader at 12 ft to nymph prior to it and managed to high stick this fish right out of the small waterfall it was hiding under. I know the pictures do not do this fish justice, but it was a great way to knock the dust of Winter off us. I had just as much enjoyment capturing this fish on my Nikon as my brother did while fighting it. We took a total of a dozen pictures then revived the fish while managing to lose all circulation in our hands releasing the fish back to its home so others may pursue the enjoyment we received last night. Later we on the drive home we replayed the trip in our minds and when we got home, I had a few cold ones to relish the moment. Over the past year, I have much enjoyed watching my brother become a solid flyfisherman. The kid really has the bug and should be feared by all fish. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy, and until next time remember do society a favor "go out and take a kid fishin'" !!
Tight Lines!!

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