Monday, March 2, 2009

Cold Steel...

All of the tying that I had done over the past week for this trip to Erie had paid off. The tungsten Stoneflies featured earlier in the blog was perfect as a lead fly to get the flies on the bottom to entice many strikes this weekend. In one stretch of the stream, we had about 50 hookups in about 3 hours of fishing. The one interesting aspect of fishing this weekend was learning how to deal with the slush in the AM. It wasn't till about 10AM or 11AM that the fishing really began to peak when finally, the slush was diminishing. All in all, a good weekend of fishing. We also caught more hens than bucks on this trip. The big hen above weighed 10.5 lbs. Well enjoy the photos.
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  1. Nice fish.

    I looked up your old post on that stonefly. You don't have the video link still lying around, do you? I think I might have some use for that pattern.

  2. Stebe,

    i am glad you enjoy the blog. i will post the pattern on video by the end of this week. It is a very easy pattern to tie. The first tying video was just trying out how they would look on the site. The stonefly will be up soon...

    thanks again...