Monday, March 9, 2009

Good Day...

These pics are from earlier this afternoon, I was able to get out and catch a few fish. It's tough trying to take pictures on your own so these were a few of my better attempts. The hot flies for the day were a size #12 egg with a little flash tied out of the back to give it a milking effect and a size #18 black copper john. At one point I went 9 fish for 9 cast, pretty ridiculous. All in all it was a great day to be on the water...but what day isn't! On a side note I had my first guided fishing trip of the 09' season this past Saturday the 7th, the gentleman's name was Greg Davis. We had an outstanding morning landing over a dozen fish, the kicker is one of them could very well be the fish of a lifetime for this guy! We landed a Rainbow that was between 25-30 inches and 6-10 pounds, unfortunately I did not have my camera on me and he had left his in the truck! So we did not take any photos but that monster was in out hands and released to fight another day! So when you share this story with your buddies Greg you can let them read this blog so they know you are not telling fish tales....GREAT JOB!!!

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