Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rumor Has it.....

I know everyone has been loving this beautiful spring weather, but folks I am almost sure that this weekend is going to end up back being cold and miserable. So in honor of the weather change, here is some humor for your delightful viewing.

-I thought it only appropriate to lighten the mood of folks chomping at the bit, just waiting for the weather to finally break for good. For the link to the website where I found this video, feel free to leave a comment for me below and I will return it quickly. I had aspirations of going steelhead fishing this weekend, however I think I have talked myself into floating the Middle Yough River with the administrator JMP and my brother Ian. Stay tuned, perhaps there might be pictures of big fish in the nearing future. Until then, tight lines and remember "a fish that was almost caught, really was never caught", GET FISHY HANDS!!!


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