Monday, April 13, 2009

Pike Flies....

Over the Easter weekend, I had some time to dedicate to tying some warm water flies again. I found some 2/0 Stainless Steel Stinger hooks while in town the other day. My goal this summer is to catch a Muskie or Pike on the fly. So I decided to play with some red and white rabbit zonkers. A very simple tie and these hooks are super light for casting purposes. I also epoxy the head of the fly, but when I had taken the photo, I have not mixed my 5 minute epoxy yet. If there is one word of advise for warm water flies, tons of FLASH. Well back to the vise.
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  1. Have to agree,I use a lot of flash tied onto my flies here in the Baltic sea in Finland. Think it has something to do with shiny herrings they hunt. Sounds like you have never tried pike on the fly....well I can tell you I am addicted to the species and once you get a nice 16lb'r on the business end of your line you'll wonder why you never did it before.