Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fly Tying Material...

I know this really has nothing to do with fly fishing but... I did harvest a turkey this past Friday while visiting family in my hometown of Sharon Pa. I had two misses on back to back days earlier this season (I could not judge distance) but this makes up for it! I shot this turkey at 6:02am, at about 22 yards. It stood no chance against my master calling ability and the decoy spread...LOL!
This will make for some good eats and will also come in handy this winter while at the tying bench. On a side note I did some fishing this past week and during the process managed to let my camera take a swim. Jared and I fished the Little J on 5-11-09 and managed to land about 25 between us and hit a great sulfur hatch in the late afternoon, we did have some pics but that is the day the camera bit the dust! Also while visiting home this past weekend I made a few stops at my old stomping grounds, Neshanock Creek and the Shenango River. I did really well at N.C. with light Cahill nymphs and Caddis puppa and at the Shenango River everything was caught on different Caddis patterns from Larva through adult imitations. It was a great week to be outdoors and like my Dad always says "You can't kill them or catch them' in the bed!!!" So get in the woods or on the stream and let them have it...
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