Monday, May 18, 2009

Weeked Trip...

What beautiful weather we had on saturday morning. When Francis and I had arrived to the stream, I was already rigging up nymphs to start the trip off. But that all changed once we got onto the water. The fish were extremely active in the AM with some adult caddisflies flying around. Judging by the rises of the fish, I put on an X-Caddis and a Partidge and Yellow. I taught Francis how to swing caddis pupa to this fish which led to catching close to 30 fish during our half day trip. The big bonus of the day was the weather not showing up until the late evening. Sorry about not having a ton of pictures as of late on the blog. My SLR is in the shop getting fixed. These pictures of Francis and one of his browns was taken with my new BlackBerry.
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