Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Bike...

My big purchase of the year was a new bike. I have talking about getting a mountain bike for about 2 years now. After my wife came home with a mountain bike, which was obviously pink, and a bike rack for the car, she told me to go out a get one. After a week of extensive research, I bought the Specialized Hardrock Disc. The frame is a very light weight alloy chassis. The Shimano gears shift very smoothly making this bike ride a joy. The front shocks on this model is great for trail riding and some light off-roading capabilities. The main reason I bought this bike was for the sole purpose of disc brakes. They stop the bike in an instant despite any weather condition around. All in all, I have had this bike for 3 weeks and have not been disappointed with its performance. Check out the link below for more detail about Specialized and this bike model. Enjoy....

Specialized Hardrock Disc
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