Friday, June 5, 2009

Past Two Weekends

Hello again everyone:

I have been silent in the past weeks from posts simply because I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off in about every imaginable direction. With that said, I would like to fill you all in on the events that have occurred in the meantime. The weekend of 5.23/ 5.24, I had a weekend (double Saturday/Sunday) 2-person wade with a couple from Marietta Ohio. On Saturday, we fished the Casselman @ Grantsville, MD, catching approximately 10 fish between them (Smallmouth, Brown Trout, and a lone Rainbow). The same day, we moved to the upper catch & release section of the Savage River and drew a big ole' bullseye. Revising our plans for Sunday, we opted to fish the Upper North Branch of the Potomac over near Gormania for a change of scenery. While fishing at Wallman's access, my clients pulled 4 rainbows using dries with softies dropped 18in. fished on the swing, same way taught to me by JMP. Following Lunch, we decided to move downriver to LostLand access for the afternoon bite. Little did I know what a great choice that would end up being for my clients. The first hole we fished downstream of the access @ LostLand, ended up producing 8 fish in 20 minutes. The next hour was spent picking fish off here & there as we worked our way downstream to miss the heavy amounts of people also fishing. Total for the afternoon produced 12 fish all together for a grand total of over 26 fish for the weekend of 5.23

Next weekend 5/30, I fished a float trip with a group of repeat customers from near Tyson's Corner, VA. Although the weather & flows were great @ Barnum, we had trouble connecting long enough to bring most of the fish to boat. I spent more time tying flies on for my client than he spent in the water (very frustrating & costly). Total fish count 5 (2 brownies, 3 rainbows & nothing bigger than 18in). Total fly loss= 59. It was a rough day for the ole' fly collection. I have attached a picture of one of the rainbows caught for your viewing.

Recently, my Orvis Helios Switch rod arrived so after researching what reel to match, I went with the Battenkill Large Arbor IV and purchased the Beulah Elixer Switch Line 380 grain to match. However, since my reel & line have not arrived, I used an extra reel I have laying around and broke in the rod two nights ago. Fishing an 11ft. 7wt rod at Meadow Run in PA is not a typical ideal fishing experience but ended up producing 3 fish having not spent much time spey casting. I believe that rod will be a slayin' stick here soon, once I get the outfit matched perfectly.

In a week, JMP & I will be traveling South to the Florida Keys to fish with a guide for some middle keys tarpon with fly rods & some chicken feathers!
Check him out.....

With all this non-sense out of my system finally, I hope all the best........ Remember get fishy hands! WOO WOO!!

WVUFLYFISH..... out!

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