Thursday, June 11, 2009

Past Week Fishing

Well Folks,
For the past few days I have been fishing for the shop over at Wisp in MD. Saturday, had a pair of clients who were relatives of members from a corporate marketing group working with Orvis, we caught nine even with the high water spending a beautiful rain-free afternoon on Bear Creek. Sunday, I was stuck rotting away in our small shop. Monday and Tuesday, I had afternoon trips with clients from Southern Virginia, water was clear and low on the Casselman pulled out half dozen on streamers. Yesterday, I had a group of eight staying at Savage River Lodge, we fished the Casselman yet again, and pulled out eleven missing this dirty dozen only because the 19in. brown decided to throw a head shake worthy of a tarpon as it jumped three or four times. I believe I was more upset about losing the fish relative to my client (all he wanted was his cold beer back at the vehicle). Anyhow, I work today at the University doing some research, tomorrow I hop on a plane to Islamorada where I meet JMP next Monday, for some FF & RR. Updates when I get back, hopefully I will have some pictures!!!!

Until next time, get the fishy hands......

WVUFLYFISH OUT....................................................

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