Monday, July 13, 2009

Finally Catching Up!

Okay Folks:
So for the past month, I have really been slacking on the reports. The week I spent in Islamorada can basically be summed up by two words nurse sharks. We caught probably twenty nurseys between 50-100lbs. Everytime we would drift for tarpon, the homer simpson of the shark family would strike and destroy ole mr. mullet. We jumped 30 tarpon over a week long period only to fight one for about ten minutes before it wore through the shock leader (80#) and that was about as close to boating a 'poon as it could have been. I noticed there was not as many fish in the ocean in comparison to when I was down in May, but the fish had size and I do believe the smallest fish we saw was about 80lbs with the largest being close to 150lb. On a better note, the jack fishing with chicken feathers was hot, my brother and myself caught nearly 15 jack crevalles on 2/0 enrico puglisi mullets (chart/white). JMP & myself took a jungle excursion with Capt. Larry Sydnor (who by the way just guided grand champion to the ESPN inshore championship in ISLAMORADA a week ago Congrats!). JMP was on the bow first & snaggled about an 80lber at the bow & had nothing to stick the fish with since the leader was practically in the rod. Needless to say, there was frowns and a tarpon mad because it didn't finish feeding. Nonetheless, the trip into the Everglades was worth the thousand insect bites and 4 blood transfusions to replace major blood loss. Upon return to Maryland, I was back to guiding at Wisp, where the water has been thin and hot. Fished a couple of days this past weekend with another fellow guide and some clients and plucked a fat ole football bow stockie (24") out of Hoyes Run. Note: Pics soon to come once the client sends them to me, my Nikon took a dippy recently. Anyhow, I've been hitting the Renzetti hard, tying up baitfish patterns to prepare for war with some reef donkeys (i.e. Giant Amberjack) here in a week. The preparation has had me ripping through spools of 3/0 danville and my best Gamakatsu hooks. I recently purchased a brand new Nautilus CCF 12T which I am excited to test its sealed drag against some nasty fish. Other than that basically the trout fishing has been kinda slow which is expected this time, I can't wait for Fall to come. Until next time, get out get some fishy hands!

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