Sunday, August 30, 2009

Steelers Preseason Game....

As if I needed more football in one day. Alicia and I left after the scrimmage to Pittsburgh for the evening to watch some preseason football. I always felt that the best preseason game to attend is the third game because the starters play into the third quarter. Great seats and stadium food is always a good combination. Enjoy...
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Yesterday, after getting a much needed haircut, I went to a local high school scrimmage to watch some of my fellow coaching friends coach up their respective teams in a scrimmage. Around noon, I went to the office to get ready for our JV scrimmage against Mt. Union. The scrimmage started slow for us during the 7 on 7 and Red zone portion of the scrimmage, but we really came alive in the team segment on both sides of the ball.

Here I am going over some adjustments with the offense right after we scored on our opening drive. It was 13 play drive that started at the 30 yard line.
Overall, both sides of the ball played very well. The offense only had two turnovers the entire scrimmage and the defense forced three. Earlier in the week, the other half of the squad traveled to Carneige Mellon this past Thursday evening. Both sides of the ball performed very well and we found the end zone many times that evening. This looks to be an enjoyable year.

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New Addition...

This past week, my sister called me to let me know that she was getting a puppy. I really didn't believe her till dad gave her the "Ok." Abby, the newest Chocolate Lab to our family of dogs is quite the character. She was the second smallest of the litter and is AKC registered as well.

Pictured above is Maggie, the oldest of our labs. She is will turn 11 years old in November. Most likely, the best dog that we will ever have in terms of behavior.
Abbey found a tasty treat to chew on.

Here is Bailei, my second lab, which is about 6 years old. The report from home is that these two are getting along really well.

Lastly, she has yet to figure out the stairs.
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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Media Day...

Well, not much fly fishing over the past two weeks. Started fall camp a little while ago at Waynesburg University. This is my fifth year coaching the running backs. This has been one of the most enjoyable camps since I have been a coach. This is the best bunch of players that I have had the pleasure of being around and coach. Here is a picture from media day at the field.
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Early Morning is always worth the extra effort

Over the years, I have spent many days chasing fish up and down the East Coast. I can count on one hand how many days have been as calm as this morning spent chasing Tarpon with JMP in the Everglades. Everywhere you could see there were juvenile tarpon- (50lbs-100lbs) rolling in a school as the sun was coming high in the sky. The polar fiber baitfish pattern viewed above was tied on a heavy stout Owner 2/0 hook which allowed it to sink at a faster rate. Immediately after this shot was taken, ole' JMP lipped about an 80lber only to stick it with the leader in the rod tip. I thought this was a cool shot. If you click on it and look right under his left hand you can actually see a fish rolling towards the skiff. For sake of story, I'll say it was the fish that came, we saw, decided to eat, then did eat, and finally said nope don't want nothing to do with you folks leaving us cussin' and shakin' our heads.... ( In my SW PA Slang!). Enjoy...............................

Until Next Time............................................. Get Fishy Hands!

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Spring Creek....

Left early on Wednesday morning to fish the Trico hatch at Spring Creek with Mike, Jeff, and Pat. When we had arrived around 7:45 am to the stream, the Tricos were every where in the riffles that were started fishing. We each landed a few fish prior to the down pour that had lasted all day long. Between Jeff, Pat, and myself, we landed all of the small to average size fish that day. Mike's luck was a bit different that day. He landed the fish in the photos above that I have taken which were the largest of the fish that day. He did very well sight nymphing for these fish on small pheasant tails. All in all, a nice day on the water, just wished it did not rain as much. Towards the evening, the BWOs were present on the surface, but they were tiny in size (#22-24).
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