Monday, January 18, 2010

It's Time...

Making my list and checking it twice. I will be posting tying videos of all of the flies that I tie this spring. Hopefully you all find these videos to be helpful in the future. Well off to start tying..later.
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More Lazer Dubbing Fun....

Still having fun and exploring the ways that this material can be used. I also like how well this material is when it is wet. The translucent fiber really come to life when in the water. After hoops practice this afternoon, I will be back on the bench this evening to try more patterns and also start my winter fly tying for the upcoming year. My next post will contain a list of the flies that I will tie in bulk for Western PA/MD fly fishing. Enjoy...
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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Senyo's Ice Minnow

I have been following the Steelhead Alley Outfitters Tying blog for some time. So I decided to try some of Senyo's patterns. I just got my order of the his ice dubbing that he uses in many of his patterns and been dying to try it out. I started out today with one of his more simple patterns, his Ice Minnow. Eventually I will get a Nor-Vise to tie tube flies, but I improvised by just using a curved hook to tie this pattern. I will say that this material will become a staple in my tying arsenal just by how easy it is to use as well as the applications it can be used for. I also like this pattern for early season trout as well as the summer Smallmouth in front of my house.
Senyo's Ice Minnow
Hook: 12 Curved Caddis
Body: Assorted Colors of Ice Dubbing
Thread: Red 6/0
Gills: Red Sharpie
Eyes: Orvis Mirage
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Monday, January 4, 2010

Tying Some Trailer Trash....

Had a snow day from work today, so what better thing to do than sit at the bench and tie some flies. Since not being on the bench in some time, I decided to tie some larger flies for muskie and pike for High Point Lake this spring. So the Trailer Trash Fly is what I came up with today for those pesky gamefish. I used a 2/0 stinger hook as the primary as well as a size 4 trailing hook in the tail. I had a few short strikes this past year, so I want to make sure that I don't miss this time.

Recipe: Trailer Trash Fly

Hook - 2/0 Stinger Hook (Stainless Steel)
Secondary Hook - Size 4
Tail - Flashabou/Grizzly Hackles/Bucktail
Body: Marabou - White/Olive
Eyes: Red Dumbell Eyes
Thread: 6/0 White Uni
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