Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Busy Week...

This is by far the busiest week that I have had this year. With Spring Football beginning, I am very limited with time. But after practice Saturday morning, My dad and I got the chainsaw out and cut all of the dead fall. Later that evening, Mike came over to work on the Orvis School slideshow. We added some videos that we felt will be helpful as well as providing more information on some of the more commonly asked questions during class. This will be my fifth year teaching the Orvis Fly Fishing School and I enjoy passing on my knowledge and experiences on to others that are willing to learn. Our normal class sizes are 4-5 student for the two day course. The instructor to student ratio is 1:2. The 1st school starts April 5th, and I can't wait. Above in the picture is Mike and Jonathan at a local stream making a fly selection. If any questions about the program, feel free to contact us anytime about the school.

It is almost playoff time, and the Pens have clinched a playoff spot earlier in the week. So this rumor is flying around that the 2011 Winter Classic will be coming to Pittsburgh. The most likely match up would be the Pens vs. Caps. Having gone to the 1st Winter Classic in Buffalo, I would return to another one if they have it in Pittsburgh. The official announcement will not happen till after the playoffs anyhow and we will also have to see how the schedule for the Steelers would fall if the NHL plans to have it in Pittsburgh.
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