Saturday, March 13, 2010

High Waters.....

With flood watches throughout the state of PA, I figured when I got up this morning I would check my creek out to see how things were flowing. The creek is high, but it did not rise all that much from yesterday. In the Picture with the houses in it, you can see the high water line in the hill side. That was from the Hurricane Ivan storms that caused some flooding in areas much further up the creek where it is more narrow. The state since then has helped out by making the creek a bit wider to prevent this from happening again.
On another river, the flooding could be much worse on the Yough. With the 2 feet of snow melt we had earlier this week and the 1.5 inches of rain in the forecast through Sunday, it is expected to crest in Connesville, Sutersville, and possibly Confluence. Here is a snapshot of the USGS data. Notice that the green line is flood stage on the Connesville data sheet.


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