Monday, March 15, 2010

New Spring Gear...

Over the past two fishing trips, I finally got to break in my new pair of waders from Orvis. The new Pro Guide 3 waders are quite the upgrade from the last pair. The seams are changed a bit which should prevent leaks in some common areas. The new gravel guards more durable than the breathable material they have used before. My favorite feature is the insulated front pocket. As a fishing guide, it is nice to have those extra pockets as well as a place to warm up your hands while steelhead fishing. I previously had Tailwater XT waders before getting the new Pro Guide 3. The Tailwaters lasted myself three hard years on the water before they finally decided to leak. I consider that a solid set of waders if I'm on the water 100 times a year. Hopefully these stand up to those standards.

I have been waiting patiently for my new wading boots to arrive in which they should be here today. I had to my old pair of Chota boots the past few trips. The Chota boots had lasted me about five solid seasons on the water. the felt was finally worn away and they were finally falling apart at the seams. This will be my 1st pair Orvis boots and I am excited about the new soles. Trekking the Yough and the Savage River may be tough with the new soles, but at least I will not be transmitting invasive species from stream to stream. After I get these today in the mail today, I will post my opinion how i really feel about these new soles.

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