Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pond Fishing...

Went to a friend's house to fish a pond just over the hill. The pond was still a bit murky and still rather cold, but we managed to catch five fish during the few hours at the pond. All of the fish were caught in the shallows except for the trout that was found in the middle. Above is a photo of a Rainbow that Jim had hooked. I feel in about a month that this pond will get real hot for the rest of the summer and the top water action will be awesome as usual.
I actually planned to join some of the guys that I work with for a trip to Erie, but my I ran into car trouble on the way home Friday. My car started to miss fire and it was my ignition coil. So I had to wait till Saturday to get my part and fix my car.
Luckily it was only a $20 fix and not more. All in all, I did get some much needed work down around the house this weekend. Cut down a tree and burnt alot of scrap wood from that I have been piling up for some time.

Here are some photos from those guys in Erie this weekend as they kept sending photos and messages of their catches while I was doing some yard work. These are the two best photos.

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