Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Scouting Trip...

Got the call from Mike as soon as I left work at school. I actually had to pull over to see if I even had my gear on me. All I had was my streamer box, sling pack, Helios, and reel. So headed up the mountain to meet Matt and Mike at work. After talking for a short while, I had to run over to the shop to gather a set of waders and boots to wear this afternoon. This is the best part. Mike left all of his fishing gear in the other truck. So we had to drive 10 minutes back to the shop to get the his gear as well.
As for the stream, the water flow was perfect. The fish seemed to be more spread out which is actually the reason we had to do this mini trip. Mike had a trip with a guest that I had in the Orvis School last year. He seems to be doing well with the sport too. Mike and I put on a white & olive woolybuggers respectively. We each caught one and flashed many fish. As I post, Mike should be on the stream this morning and can't wait for a report. If the flow comes down slightly, the fish should hit the stones on the surface today with this awesome weather starting today. Heading to Spring Creek Friday with my brother and hopefully the BWOs will cooperate.
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