Thursday, April 15, 2010


Pig Brown....

Mike must be missing the shooting academy this week.

Mike testing his 5wt Helios on another solid brown. I think we caught 5 pigs in this stretch of water too.

I really liked this photo of Bryan netting Mike's fish.

The largest brown I have ever landed on a dry. What a day...

This brown that I caught was very long and put up a stellar fight as well.

Breaking Mike in on my new camera. I think he really enjoyed taking some shots while I fished.

Bryan landed this fish as placing a 60ft cast along the bank to this feeding brown.

Got some good shots of the Hendrickson mayfly on the tackle.

This bow has some serious spunk and was very mad when hooked.

Fighting that Rainbow from above.

This shot turned out unbelievable. I have been playing around more with some macro shots and my practice has paid off.

I was stunned how well this photo came out. This is the best trout photo i have ever taken or even seen anywhere.

Mike casting to a rising trout.

Bryan fighting a nice brown in a riffle.

This quite possibly have been the best day that I have ever had on the river. Mike, Bryan, and I just happened to time up the Hendrickson's on day #2 of our trip. This post is very picture heavy but it needs to be in order to explain how good it was on the water that day. I am still waiting on some of the pictures from Bryan, but here are the ones that I have taken with my camera. Enjoy...
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