Saturday, April 3, 2010

Magic Midge Strikes Again...

Left early in the morning with my brother to head up to Spring Creek to fish during this awesome weather we are having in early April. When we arrived, there were tons of midges and some olives flying around. Jon and I decided to hike and get away from the crowds that were one some easily accessed parts of the stream. We hike about 40 minutes up stream before we began to fish. Between Jon and I we landed about ten fish that day. Being that this is Jon's second time fly fishing, he has improved a ton and seems more eager to continue this sport. The kicker to this is that the only time Jon has been fly fishing has been on Spring Creek and the Little J during the Cicada hatch in which we meet Jimmy Carter that day on the stream.
The only set up that seemed to be the most consistent was a #16 pheasant tail with a #20-22 midge as a dropper. The midge produced all of our fish except for the one Jon caught on an Olive later in the day. The was perfect as well. It was flowing a little higher than usual, but I actually like fishing it then.
The fish above gave me a solid fight on my 8'4" 3wt rod. It made two solid runs on me. My brother has a few other photos to send me from his Blackberry, so I will post them when sends them.
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