Wednesday, May 26, 2010

1 cast 1 fish...

Had to attend a meeting last night at the resort, thankfully water was close. I had a few minutes to kill before hand so I grabbed the old 6wt and after one cast! After that I went inside talked a little about our up coming float trips and heard the proposed plan for the casino that may happen on property. So not a bad evening went 100% on the fish did some work and ate some free food.
Tight Lines...
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jersey Boys...

Had a chance to hit the water a few days ago with a couple guys from New Jersey. We were able to get a few fish to the net early that day using nymphs. As the day progressed the angling pressure on the stream increased and the fishing got tough. Between the amount of guys on the stream and having no fly fishing experience these guys did really well. Above are a few pics of fish landed that day, and the last photo is the infamous fumble the fish pic we have all experienced. These guys proved even a few city boys can handle there own on the stream...
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After Work...

After a busy day of guiding this weekend we did what any other guides would do...FISH! We hit a local stream for a few hours to unwind and have a little fun. There were a few March Browns hatching and returning as spinners that evening. Nothing really exciting happened as far as bugs and fish turning on. We were able to land a few with various patterns ranging from a Parachute Adams to a Griffiths gnat. Here are a few photos from our little fishing excursion. The top picture is the coolest a wild brown from a stream that usually doesn't produce many wild fish, always good to see. Next is Jared with a nice brown and the bottom is a March Brown spinner that spent a little time on Jared's leg.
Tight Lines...

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Rubber Lips...

All of our streams in the area are currently high and muddy. So Larry and I decided to hit up the carp flats for a few hours, Larry landed 4 and I broke off 1 and lost another. Not to shabby for a couple hours of fishing. Sorry about the color of the picture I screwed up the settings on my camera phone and left the good camera at home. Hopefully the rivers come back down soon it's about time for the Green Drakes to happen! Tight Lines as always...

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Friday, May 21, 2010


Spent the evening at my friends house to fish his pond over the hill for some Bass and Bluegill. I got there around 5pm, put on a Blue Damsel fly to entice some fish. I caught a few a fish on the fly, but I need to improve my wing material. I may use a deer wing to make it float more consistently. The Bluegill were on their beds working anything that came their way that had foam and rubber legs. Compared to last time I fished there, caught more Bass than Bream this time around. The foam spider pattern was awesome once again and produced on just about every cast. The most interesting part of the night was the 30 10-20# Carp on the surface in the shallows. I threw a few nymphs and eggs at them and had no customers. I will have to consult Larry on how to attack these guys. As soon as I cast at them they would scatter. I had a few singles to cast to, but they would not even turn there head at my fly. I thought more about it on my short ride home to try a soft hackle too. After I had caught enough, I went back up to visit with Jim and his wife for a bit. All in all a good night.
Currently, the streams are slowly coming back down and the river is still very high to get to some of my favorite places to fish. The Yough is at 3,800 CFS and the norm is around 1700 CFS. Coming up this week should be the Green Drakes on the river. So time to head down if the water and rain holds off. Lots of March Browns around Ohiopyle too. 
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Monday, May 17, 2010


Larry and I had a chance to hit the carp flats for a few hours after a hard day of guiding for trout last Saturday. We managed to hook a few, but this behemoth up above was the true trophy. We both threw at this fish for close to an hour and finally Larry managed to make him or her eat. Larry claims this is his biggest fish to date on the fly, we guessed this fish between 15-18 pounds. Throwing flies to tailing carp may be one of the best things ever...LOL!!!
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Wild Fish...

I have been a little lack luster with the post lately. But I have been fishing and taking pictures when I remember my camera. Here are a few pics from my last Maryland fishing adventure. The Brookies were both caught on small tributaries to the Savage River and the Brown with the chartreuse bugger in it's mouth was taken on the Lower Savage. The water on the Lower Savage is clearing slowly and there are both Brook and Brown trout being caught. A couple of our other guides fished the Lower just a few days ago and reported a good BWO hatch but no fish interested. That to my knowledge is the first real sign of Mayfly activity there this year. The fishing will continue to improve everywhere over the next few weeks so we will keep the post coming...

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Sunday, May 16, 2010


Mike and Larry were chasing carp earlier in the day, but ended up on my stream around 4:30pm. Mike called that they were there and I jumped on my bike to meet them in 10 minutes. I tied on a 2/0 Clouser minnow to chase my Smallmouth. On my 3rd cast, I landed my largest Bronze back ever on the fly. I wish I had my good camera, but my Blackberry was all that I had on me down at the stream. Hard to tell when the water will be right in the mountains with some rain in the forecast four out of the next seven days. If it rains, I will be on the bench tying some extended body flies.
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

155-175lb Tarpon 5/10/2010- Channel II Bridge

Here are two short video clips of a recently caught 155-175lb tarpon in Islamorada, FL. Normally, 12wt fly rods and 1/0 chart/yellow toads are the ticket, but its a challenge to toss chicken feathers in a 30+mph wind. The fish stacked up along structure following this weekends Palolo Worm Hatch after the full moon. We had big tides and even bigger fish. With many schooled up no smaller than 6ft in length as you drove near the pilings.

So, as a result, the ole' live bait rods made an appearance at channel II bridge with live mullet, 8/0 GAMAKATSU circle hooks and 60lb shock tippets fished on an out-going tide, what do you get? A big "fatty". These clips were taken at the 45 min and 90 min marks. Enjoy.........

OH btw, I will be posting more pictures and another two clips of a 15lb Jack Crevalle we caught as well.... So Stay Tuned.....



"I only throw @ lips", Carl Hiassen

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Solid Hatch...

Copper John pays off again.

Matt with a nice brown.

The Yellow Drake that was mixed in the rest of the bugs that day.

Mike playing with my camera while I was casting to rising fish.

I really liked this shot of Matt fighting this fish.

Headed out early Monday morning to meet up with Mike and Matt for a trip to hopefully get some good dry fly action. We decided to goto the Lil J instead of Penns Creek and it turned out to be the best option. The fishing slow at first, but it sure picked up around 11:00am when fish started to rise. The bugs were in full force that day because we had a Grey Fox, Yellow Drake, Sulphurs, and Caddis all at the same time. It take a some time to see what they were really keying on. At around 2:30pm, the Sulphurs were everywhere and the fish were plowing them. The Mid-day hatch lasted about 3 hours. Then the fished turned back onto the Caddis for the remainder of the evening. We stayed around for the spinner fall but it never really happened. Probably the most exciting yet the most weird event that happened that day was the bird that I caught. Casting during the frenzy of the Sulphurs, I caught a large black bird with my flies. Mike has a photo of it from his camera. After a 5-10 minutes later the bird was released unharmed.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunday Trip....

Busy weekend for use at the resort. Mike and Larry had a four person Orvis Fly Fishing School on Saturday & Sunday. Sunday, I had a half day trip with Howard in the afternoon. The weather was not great for the school or my trip due to the high wind gusts on the mountain this weekend. When Howard and I got the stream, there wasn't must going on with the bugs. So we decided to put on a large pheasant tail and a small black copper john. This produced some nice fish. Of the 7 fish landed that afternoon, 5 of them wanted the pheasant tail over the small dropper. We had a solid afternoon with consistent action during the whole trip considering the water/weather conditions.
Anyone interested in a trip, don't hesitate to e-mail Mike or I. The fishing is really starting to pick up in the mountains.
Michael Steiner -
Jared Plisko -
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Thursday, May 6, 2010

SW PA Flats...

Within five minutes of being there, Mike hooks up with one instantly.

Mike posing with one of his catches in the second carp flat we found.

I landed two that evening. What a great time casting to tailing carp.

Big fish on.

Yesterday was very spontaneous and wanted to try something different. I met the new guy that is going to guide with us this summer. Larry loves to sling the line for Carp and he can tie flies very well. His Carp box was really sweet and it produced. We landed nine that evening for a solid day of fishing. I wanted to get home before the puck dropped to watch my Pens play the Habs, but all of a sudden I hooked into a big one. It made two runs into my backing. Saw it once on the surface and it gave my 7wt all it could handle. Mike thought it was around 12-18lbs fish. It came off when I had about 50' of line left. The last two pictures are of myself fighting the beast. Needless to say, I will be back here during the summer to cast at these giants.


Since all of the streams in the area are still blown out, I went over to a friend's house to fish the large pond behind his house. He needed to cut his grass and wasn't able to join me for the few hours on the pond. It was peaceful time since I was the only person around and casting 65' to blue rising on the surface. After landing about 35-40 Bluegill, I walked back up and sat on the deck with Jim for the remainder of the evening. What a great evening.
All that I fished that evening was a Black Foam Spider that I tied prior to leaving for Jimmy's pond. This foam fly has produced more than anything else for bluegill. And the best part is the durability.
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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I called Mike after his trip yesterday during my lunch break and wanted to know if he wanted to fish a farm pond. We had a great time slamming bluegill, crappie, and some bass. The bass were not as aggressive yet, but the other fish were just as cooperative. This is the first year that I have seen Crappie in the pond. All we fished were foam spiders and size 12 beetles. We hooked about 100 fish in a 3-4 hour period. Of the 100 fish, we landed about 70 of them. The reason we missed so many was the fact that we were trying to set the hook after a 80-90 foot cast. Once we got the strip set down, our success rate went up .
Later this week, since all of the streams are blown out after the consistent rain, Mike suggested that we chase some of the carp in shallows of this lake in town. You have to make a 70-80' cast with a nymph to feeding carp. That is my kinda game. Mike has so photos to post from this weekend as well from the Savage River this past weekend too.
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