Thursday, May 13, 2010

155-175lb Tarpon 5/10/2010- Channel II Bridge

Here are two short video clips of a recently caught 155-175lb tarpon in Islamorada, FL. Normally, 12wt fly rods and 1/0 chart/yellow toads are the ticket, but its a challenge to toss chicken feathers in a 30+mph wind. The fish stacked up along structure following this weekends Palolo Worm Hatch after the full moon. We had big tides and even bigger fish. With many schooled up no smaller than 6ft in length as you drove near the pilings.

So, as a result, the ole' live bait rods made an appearance at channel II bridge with live mullet, 8/0 GAMAKATSU circle hooks and 60lb shock tippets fished on an out-going tide, what do you get? A big "fatty". These clips were taken at the 45 min and 90 min marks. Enjoy.........

OH btw, I will be posting more pictures and another two clips of a 15lb Jack Crevalle we caught as well.... So Stay Tuned.....



"I only throw @ lips", Carl Hiassen

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