Sunday, May 16, 2010


Mike and Larry were chasing carp earlier in the day, but ended up on my stream around 4:30pm. Mike called that they were there and I jumped on my bike to meet them in 10 minutes. I tied on a 2/0 Clouser minnow to chase my Smallmouth. On my 3rd cast, I landed my largest Bronze back ever on the fly. I wish I had my good camera, but my Blackberry was all that I had on me down at the stream. Hard to tell when the water will be right in the mountains with some rain in the forecast four out of the next seven days. If it rains, I will be on the bench tying some extended body flies.
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  1. gnarly smallie!!! looks like you pulled it from the depths, judging by the dark color.... bet it was pissed!! nice job with the deep minnow

  2. Thanks...that was an awesome fish for my stream...Big flies = Big Fish....