Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I called Mike after his trip yesterday during my lunch break and wanted to know if he wanted to fish a farm pond. We had a great time slamming bluegill, crappie, and some bass. The bass were not as aggressive yet, but the other fish were just as cooperative. This is the first year that I have seen Crappie in the pond. All we fished were foam spiders and size 12 beetles. We hooked about 100 fish in a 3-4 hour period. Of the 100 fish, we landed about 70 of them. The reason we missed so many was the fact that we were trying to set the hook after a 80-90 foot cast. Once we got the strip set down, our success rate went up .
Later this week, since all of the streams are blown out after the consistent rain, Mike suggested that we chase some of the carp in shallows of this lake in town. You have to make a 70-80' cast with a nymph to feeding carp. That is my kinda game. Mike has so photos to post from this weekend as well from the Savage River this past weekend too.
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