Thursday, May 6, 2010

SW PA Flats...

Within five minutes of being there, Mike hooks up with one instantly.

Mike posing with one of his catches in the second carp flat we found.

I landed two that evening. What a great time casting to tailing carp.

Big fish on.

Yesterday was very spontaneous and wanted to try something different. I met the new guy that is going to guide with us this summer. Larry loves to sling the line for Carp and he can tie flies very well. His Carp box was really sweet and it produced. We landed nine that evening for a solid day of fishing. I wanted to get home before the puck dropped to watch my Pens play the Habs, but all of a sudden I hooked into a big one. It made two runs into my backing. Saw it once on the surface and it gave my 7wt all it could handle. Mike thought it was around 12-18lbs fish. It came off when I had about 50' of line left. The last two pictures are of myself fighting the beast. Needless to say, I will be back here during the summer to cast at these giants.

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