Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Holiday Weekend...

You would think at this time during the year, I would be finishing up the wrapping up the school year. With the amount of snow days to make up, I will not be out for another two weeks. Kind of a bummer at this point with this awesome weather that we have had lately. 
On Saturday morning, I taught the Orvis Fly Fishing School from 9-5pm. As soon as I cleaned up, I called Matt (Grobe's Anglers and Adventures) to see if he wanted to fish. He picked up a bike for me. We drove down to Ohiopyle and biked to a few spots to see if we saw any risers or Coffin Flies. We did more walking than fishing and I almost placed my hand on a snake when climbing over a tree since the water was at 1800cfs. The temperature of the river was 62 degrees as well. I saw a few rising fish, but most were out of my wading difference. I did manage to catch one rainbow on a coffin fly. There were numerous March Browns spinners in the mix as well. The river should continue to drop to levels that are more suitable to fishing, but only time will tell. I will most likely head up to the river Tuesday night to see if there are any Coffin Flies still around. 
On Sunday, I finished up the Orvis Fly Fishing School. We had 13 people take part in the school and they all seemed to enjoy the school a great deal. During the stream application part of the course, it was 89 degrees outside on the stream and Meadow Run was 68 degrees already this summer. I actually saw tons of Iso shucks and slate drakes around at the 2:00-4:30pm period of time on the water. Laurel Hill is at 71 degrees too. This could be why the river is so warm for this time of the year. 

Monday, I got out the grill and had some fun with some close friends. I smoked a brisket and pork loin in my secret rub recipe. All in all, a great way to wind down the long weekend.


  1. fish...bbq...fish...bbq...sensory overload!

  2. It was overload for sure...The best part is the left overs this evening after just getting home from a stream that was polluted with coffin flies..