Friday, June 18, 2010

Training Day....

Started out by landing 3 browns in the first 20 minutes of the float.

Close up of a Yough Brown.

We landed about 15 Smallmouth from the Cassellman to Ramcat. Bead-chain Clouser never fails.

Nice Smallie that I landed.

Stonefly and Pupa....produces all of the time.

If you look in his mouth, tons of Caddis pupa and adults.

Larry go this one on a Circus Peanut...

Nice Brown..

My point fly that I was using on my nymph rig. This stone really produced as well.

Got a new toy yesterday and had to break it in. New Hydros.

Orvis Water Ninja...

Email us to book your trip with the Ninja....

What a wonderful day to be on the river. The weather was very overcast for the first three hours of the trip, but no rain showed up. I was all geared up for the trout, but the Smallmouth were on fire for Larry and I. He threw a Circus Peanut and I launched a Clouser. We also saw some massive ones along this tree that I got snagged on as well. After that snag, I switch to my Tungsten Stone fly and a Cinnamon Caddis Pupa nymph rig. Every other cast I was landing a fish. All of those fish were nice looking rainbows. Larry then landed a nice brown on white CP. Saw some fish rise,but we did our job fishing and learning this river more in preparation for our Float trips to begin next week. 
The flow of the river was 800 cfs. Tons of Olives, Cahills, Caddis, and Slate Drakes around. It made some of my favorite spots very thin, especially my place where the monsters lay. In a deeper pool from the area, Mike had about a 6lb brown chase his CP about 20 feet, but would not strike. I think if I fish it again, I may just run a big stimulator and a long dropper with a stone fly nymph on the end of it. This being my 11th time floating this river, I feel that we have the line down and located alot of fish as well.  I also feel that my tactics have changed. I truly believe that people think big water and streamers are the answer. I think if you nymph it, you can have a 30 fish day like we did today. 
I usually fish the river with my 7wt Helios, but getting my 9' 5wt hydros out was fun. What an awesome rod and it really made myself nymph more since some of my beefy streamers were too heavy to throw with this rod. 
Long week as well for myself. Had my last week of work and summer has began too. I tied a ton of clousers and alot of Caddis. I have also been working on my Masters project too. So sorry about posting a ton, but that will change. 

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  1. epic!!!, dig the pic of the chewed up fly stuck in the cork of a 500$ rod!!!!