Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tying Midges....

Spent the evening tying up some midges to fill up one of the new boxes that I just bought Lots of wire, v-rib, and ice dubbing in this collection. This motivation for tying midges came about because I use them for sight nymphing at Spring Creek.  Would have finished the rest of this side of the box, but ran out of hooks in the size I was tying. Really didn't feel like tying #22 midges either. Over the next  few days, I plan on getting some Whiting 100 packs to finish the other side of the box with midge dries. Saw a neat pattern Larry tied for the Savage River. Looking forward to trying it out as well. Well off to get some rest. Five more days of school left. Perfect weather now really makes you wish that I did not have all of those snow days. 
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  1. Top right, and the ones just under those...

    they BAD!!!! fishies better watch out!!

  2. I agree...some are experimental in color, but the ones you liked work really well...

  3. Nice little guys. Whats your # of midges tied in an hour?
    Here's a little rendering to check out:

  4. about 2 dozen an hour...the midge drawing is pretty close to what i'm tying as well....like your site alot... The drawings are awesome...