Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Another Float...

Met Mike and Matt on the river for a long float.  It was a warm day and obviously with the high sun, the fishing was tough as well. I met them at the 2nd boat launch since they had Steve take photos during the first 1.5 miles. One awesome photo that Matt had taken during the 1st part of the trip is a photo of a Bald Eagle. Check out his blog for the photo.  We landed a few fish and located more fish as well in some different spots on the river. I am starting to see more fingerlings on the river and they are more than willing to hit a fly too. I saw tons of Olives hatching all day. I did see more fish rise than any other trip on the river. I missed one on an a Olive and we moved some large fish as well. We caught most of our fish on a Soft Hackle. I will the bench tying some up this week. 

The evening before, Larry and I went to the Savage River to fish after work. I had an early trip and a fly tying lesson at 1pm, so what better way to finish the day off than fish the Savage River. We landed about 15 fish. Lime Sally's, Sulphurs, Humpys, and Caddis patterns were very successful. Larry put on a clinic in one hole landed a bunch of fish. I had my largest brown on at the Savage River, but it came off. It was close to a 20 inch rising brown too. I will be back to look for him. That river is so addictive. Fishing for wild fish is my passion. 

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