Friday, August 13, 2010

Day Off...

Went down to the Savage River in the afternoon to chase some wild browns on the top. I pulled in to the first hole I wanted to fish, but seconds later a van pulled up with a few kids to swim in one of the bridge holes. Even when I came back to this hole about four hours later, it was still skunked. I went to my money hole on the river and it did not prove me wrong. I missed a few smaller wild browns on a #18 X-Caddis. Then I finally landed a 17" wild brown on this river this year. The problem fishing by myself is not having the ability to my good camera and get a great shot. Quite possibly the best looking fish I have ever caught. He crushed a pattern Larry wanted me to try down there and it worked. After catching a few more there, I went to another section of stream that I had a fish that I have been after. I knew there is a hog in the 20" range in this one hole. The drift is long and the access is tough for casting but I got him to eat again, but not hook set. I hooked him last time down there and he was bigger than the one I landed today.  I will be back for him and hopefully have someone there to photography him for me. 


  1. looking forward to a pic of that one your after!

  2. Here piggy piggy! You'll get him.

    The Average Joe Fisherman