Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dog Days of Summer.....

After having a trip in the morning and tying some flies at the shop in the afternoon, I had spent the evening with Jim Lampros. He is the Orvis Fishing Manager at the Cleveland shop. I remember seeing Jim in the Fly Fishing Film Tour in the early Spring and made me what to pick his brain about Steelhead fishing in Ohio. After dinner, we discussed about fishing in the AM. I wanted to show him the river in the morning for some decent dry fly fishing. Since I had a trip at 1pm, we only had the opportunity to wet our lines for about an hour and a half. In that time frame, Jim hooked two nice bows and I missed two. Not too shabby for casting 60+ feet of line and trying to set the hook as well. All in all, we had a great time and look forward to fishing with him again, especially this Steelhead season. 
During my trip this afternoon, we landed seven nice size browns on the river. The fishing this time of the year is not easy, but we are still getting guests on fish. 

After work, Mike and I headed over to the secret pond on property. It is small but had enormous bass all throughout the pond. We basically had to cast across to the other bank of the pond which was about a 100' cast. Having that bass taper on my 7wt helios makes that possible. We missed to huge bass on a mouse pattern. We believe one was in the 5lbs class when we saw him practically out of the water. We will be back real soon to sling flies at these guys. We landed a bunch of bluegill as well as three bass. In the words of Larry, "That fish smoked that mouse pattern...." I think that has been the line of the summer. Well, heading to get some sleep and fish the Savage in the morning...
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  1. Hi Michael
    I read the other day on a message board that this time of the year when the water temps are in the high 80's and around 90 that the bass will miss and kind of slap at the flies not really wanting to eat it because of water temps. I tend to agree with this theory because I had the same thing happen to me the other day that you described in your post, so I guest we will have to wait for cooler temps to get some decent takes. Great Post!!