Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Addition...

Over the summer, I have been tossing around the idea of starting an online fly shop. Well, it is finally here. The Brooks, Browns, and Bows Fly Shop will offer flies that you would find in our guide boxes. We will carry flies for Trout, Smallmouth, and Steelhead.  We will continue to add new patterns to our selection as well as offer custom tying at your request. So hopefully you visit and enjoy the site.
Brooks, Browns, & Bows Fly Shop
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  1. Very nice, and good luck with the new venture.

  2. Thanks..I thought it would be worth the try....

  3. Good luck on your fly shop, if the flies look anything like the pics in your post the shop will be a success.

  4. Thanks Bill...I have a commercial guy that is working with me as hopefully things go well...thanks again for the support...

  5. Love the blog!

    I too am thinking about starting an online fly shop. Problem is, I can't find much info and taxes, licenses, etc. It's all scattered about. What's needed to start an online shop, or what did you guys do?