Thursday, August 5, 2010

Trout Painting...

Joel contacted myself via email while I was getting off the river. I checked to email after we got back in the car during probably one to the worst storms in the mountain this summer. When riding back to the next place to fish, we drove over, around, and even under a large fallen tree on Sugarloaf Road. If it wasn't that dangerous out, it would have been worth the photo. Mike basically told me to kept driving rather than stopping for photos. He was no fun and nor did we fish since they let more water out of the dam.  Back to the email. Joel's painting is from our recent trip to Spring Creek while chasing the trout on Tricos. I thought the painting turned out very well and we are pleased that he used one of my photos. I think other than the painting, the part of the post I liked the most was the photos of the different stages during the project. Thanks again Joel. 
If you get a chance, check out Joel's blog. It is quite a remarkable deal since he is producing a painting a day. I can't even motivate myself to tie a fly a day let alone a painting. Be sure to cycle back on some of his stuff from previous months, they are pretty good as well. Here is the link: A Year on the Fly 


  1. Hi JMP
    Just found your blog and I am really impressed with your tying, painting and outings on some great looking trout streams. I am becoming one of your followers, because I know I will enjoy more of your posts. My blog address is if you would like to sign up with our group. Great Post!

  2. Bill, glad you enjoy the blog as well as the photos....I think sometimes i get caught up more into the photography than the fishing...I added you to my list of blogs as well...nice site...