Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Buisness Trip...

This past Monday we headed to State College PA for a Orvis dealer meeting. We got to see some of the new product that is going to be introduced this year, and I must say I was impressed! What really stood out for me was the new Safe Passage line of Packs, Slings, and Chest Packs, etc... They all were awesome and showed Orvis is really trying to reach some of the new blood in fly fishing. When this stuff is released you gotta take a look...its sick! Another thing to keep a eye out for is the new Access Fly Rod, got a chance to cast it and I was really diggin' it. Now to what's really important, we spent the next day fishing on Spring Creek and it was killer. We had a great time fishing with some of the other orvis guys and everyone seemed to do really well. The picks are of average Spring Creek Brown trout, except for the last one. The last is a Golden Rainbow Trout that had very strong wild fish features, if you look at the picture you can see the white tipped fins and still some faint spots on the belly. I am unsure if these fish are able to occur out of a hatchery, if anyone know please let me know. I have never seen a Goldie that looked quite like this... On a side note we are giving the facebook thing a try, you can find us by searching fly fishing, sporting clays and wing shooting in South Western PA. Please show us some!
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  1. That is a unique goldy! Very nice "business" trip. I need to conduct more business meetings. =_)

    The Average Joe Fisherman