Friday, December 16, 2011


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Being Jared is really on a Bird Hunting kick, I figured I would add one of my own. This grouse was killed in the ANF (Allegheny National Forest), with the help of my outstanding guide Garrett Brain and his trusty Gordon Setter (Danner). We had about 30 flushes in 2 1/2 days of hunting, it was a great time and can't wait to do it again!
You have to love the Nemacolin Shooting Academy promotion also...

A look back...

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Here are a few pics from last summer. As we approach winter I though it would be nice to look back at a great season. This past season at Nemacolin was awesome, we had a chance to meet and fish with a lot of great people. I already can't wait for spring, and this upcoming season is already shaping up to be great! I also am making a promise to myself to stay on top of the blogging. I really fell off this past season, I left a bunch of great memories undocumented. So my early New Years resolutions is... That's not going to happen this season, so be ready for more pics, videos , and what ever else we can throw at you.
Tight Lines and bring on 2012... The year of the "FISH"

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

WVU Tailgate and Birds...

Big Help from Dad and Jimmy with the cook out for the Back Yard Brawl....

In the foil is a deer hind quarter rubbed in a roasted garlic peppercorn rub. Then we drizzled red wine over it. The two side cars are pork tenderloins that had a spicy coffee rub on it as well. 

Brisket and two racks of ribs. 

Zoie and I with a solid day with her.

Jimmy and Zoie posing for a photo.

Picked up a new Stoeger Uplander 28 Gauge at Ace's this weekend.

Had a solid Holiday and had a chance to get away to hunt with the dog. On Thanksgiving morning, Jim and I met up for a short hunt in the morning. All we ran into was a flock of turkeys at a local game land. We were still looking for a few stray birds in the fields, but it was rather soggy out and we decided to work up the hill instead. All in all it was a good workout prior to the fest later that day.
On Black Friday, while my wife was out searching out the great deals, Dad, Jimmy and I had taken the grill to a friends house to tailgate for the Backyard Brawl between West Virginia and Pittsburgh. We ended up cooking for close to 50 people and had a great time doing it. I also want to mention that people loved my Smoked Portabellas with blue cheese on them. Always a huge hit.
After waking up with little sleep, Jim was at the house Saturday morning bright and early for some all day bird hunting. We met up with his Uncle Rory and went to a local game land. We saw one bird and it was from a distance. It had crossed the road into a farm land that was posted. Zoie wasn't really birdie that morning due to the lack of scents. We then headed up the mountain to grab a bit to eat at Subway as well as plan our next spot. We hit up another game land in the mountain and was able to flush one Grouse. Jim had the only shot at it, but it was a distance away and moving quickly. We had taken a small break then headed over to the farm to finish up for the day. Zoie at first busted a few birds. But after I reflected on the hunt, I felt that I had her hunt with the wind rather than into it. When we had worked back into the other direction, she started to point really well and held her ground as long as the birds held still. I thought she did rather well and next time I will have my camera. She was very stylish on her points and her tail was straight as can be. She held tight until we flushed the birds. My favorite was when she had point a covey of quail. Between Jim and I, four pheasant, one chukar, and one quail. What a solid weekend for sure.
I have also got on the bench this week. I will post some photos soon on what I have been tying. Enjoy...
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Monday, November 28, 2011

Steelhead on Dry Fly

Mike had sent me these photos from his latest trip up to Erie for some steelhead. He had a great day on the water, but one fish really stood out. It was the one he was able to land on a dry fly. What a rush it was to see this steelhead take a fly on the surface. Hope you enjoy the photos....

1st Bird Shot Over Zoie...

My Spanish SxS 20 gauge.....

Zoie after her first hunt at my parent's house....

She loves those birds...

After Chuck and I had gun broke Zoie, He said take her out and see how it goes for about an hour in the field. As per Chuck's instruction, I waited for her to point the birds before I shot instead of just shooting those that were just flushed by her. This required some patience, but I wanted to reinforce the right behavior. She had flushed five birds before she started to hold a point. Being a modest hunter, I will say I missed a few birds before I bagged my 1st with my 20 gauge. All in all, I must say that this was a memorable evening. Just wanted to share some photos from that evening...
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Video From a Orvis School Graduate on a Trip With Mike Steiner....

Here is a video from earlier this season! Thanks for spending some time with us Jonathan....

With Chuck for a Pheasant Hunt....

Jake retrieving a bird back to Chuck. Jake does few rolls after he gives the bird back. It is his way of celebrating.

Jake holding tight on a bird. 

Hunter bringing back a bird as well.

Chuck and his dog, Hunter.

This was an eventful day. I was on bye week during the football season and I had some things I wanted to accomplish.  For starters, I wanted to watch a pheasant hunt to see how Chuck handles his dogs in the field. I asked if I could help out as well as take some photos. It turned out that I had actually taken this couple out on a fishing trip a few years prior to that day. I really enjoyed watching Jake and Hunter work the field. Two different styles. Jake is very aggressive and will just hop around in search of his birds. Hunter will work very close but efficiently in the field. The next behavior i wanted to accomplish was gun breaking my dog. Chuck and I had worked a few nights before to work towards finishing this task that evening.  My next post will have those photos from that as well and Zoie's 1st hunt. 
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Zoie Loves Birds...

My sister and I went this past Sunday to the mountains. Zoie is listening very well in the field to basic commands. She is flash pointing and holding for a solid 6 or 7 seconds before she attempts to creep up on the bird. Each time we go, she is getting better with holding her point. Been working with Roy Sisler at Hunting Hills. His knowledge and experience is second to none when it comes to developing your dog. I will heading over tomorrow evening for some more work with Zoie. Going to start firing some blanks around her while working some pigeons. 

While at the farm, we flushed five quail and one Rooster Pheasant. Solid morning for sure. She just keeps getting better. In the evening, I met up with Garrett and his Gordan Setter. Flushed four more pheasant at another location. Zoie had a solid point on the third bird. Real stylish for sure.

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Fishing Pictures...

Her first fishing trip ever and she is a natural. 

Celebrating a day on the water with his wife. Probably the most fun I had on the river this summer. This couple was tons of fun.  

Chuck with some pictures from Montana this past August. We are working on a trip for next year this time. 

Nice Brown.

Can't go to Montana with out finding a few Cutts.

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

I've Been Busy...

So over the past month, I have been crazy busy with work. So this post is basically a recap of what has been going on. These are just some highlights among all of the guided trip, casting lessons, tying lessons, and trapping for sporting clays.

Left work with Garrett to help his dad and their friends with the flight pen they have completed for all 800+ pheasants that were loaded in here. 

Flight Pen....

A few weeks ago, we held a PA State Shoot. I saw some unreal competitors shoot a course that not easy. Here is a picture of one of the stations with a tower set up to throw some targets. I actually had a ton of fun working this shoot. I also saw some sweet shotguns.  

Saw this guy on the course. What a big dog for 6 months old. Reminded myself of my parents Fox Red Lab. 

Here is a picture of Skout, Zoie's Dad.

On the Saturday during the PA State Shoot, We set a course earlier in the week for some US Congressmen to shoot sporting clays. I think the most fun that I had was talking to the capital police prior to the event.  This is a photo of our upland hunting preserve. It is roughly 300 acre full of the proper habitat for game birds. 

Liz Triggs celebrating her 50th birthday on a fishing trip with her sister. We did rather well for not having any experience fly fishing before. 

I will never lay tile ever again. My brother and I spent 4 day laying new ceramic tile in my kitchen. 

Mrs. Webster, completed her time at the Orvis Fly Fishing school. This was the following Monday morning on the Yough River. I really liked this photo of the fog early in the morning. She landed 7 or 8 fish on a Caddis Dry. She was probably the most enthusiastic fisherman I have been around as well as a solid fisherman. Dave, the other gentlemen in the fly fishing school had one of the most interesting things I have ever seen. He brought in a chest of flies. Quality ties of some Mid-Western flies. Dave had some experience fly fishing, but got him to throw some serious line by the end of the class. What a great student.  

My dog being stir crazy with the house being a mess due to all of the tile being put in the kitchen. She found two capes of Grizzily and Brown. Fly Tyers and Hair Dressers wept a tear that day. 

Zoie running the preserve. We finally found a rooster.

Larry had taken out a guided trip while Mike and I had a fishing school. Larry and Patrick from the Fly Bible fished the Savage River. They did rather well and landed fish on Hoppers as well. The Fly Bible is a solid site that chronicles Patrick's fishing experiences. What I was most impressed about was his fly tying ability. For only tying for two years, his tying is very strong. I would check out his some of his quality warm water ties. 

My latest trip week. We landed 25+ fish on Beaver Creek. We really got after it. I hope that you enjoyed recap post for this month. I did fish the Savage River Thursday and will post some pictures of Wild Browns. So shortly I will post again. 
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