Friday, February 18, 2011

All Fins no Faces...

Larry sent me some pictures today, and I decided to show all of the love to the fish. These were taken over the last month ranging from Pennsylvania to Maryland. I think they are all pretty cool in there own way, I really dig the under water photo on top! It's so amazing how the same species of fish (not the rainbow) vary from stream to stream. Each of these fish have traits that really catch your eye and make each photo unique...
It's really sad how much we love TROUT...LOL!!!
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  1. Thanks for sharing.. Hey it looks like two of those three fish have escaped previous attacks by birds.. Your buddy beat the eagle and the fish! Now that's saying something!

  2. Larry. Those are great shots. I like the colors in the underwater shot.....

  3. Nice fish, but the top 2 are browns and the 3rd was is a rainbow.. just sayin.

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