Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Fishing....

Last Saturday, Mike and I meet up on a fun mountain stream that had some good small stonefly action. Mike's trip cancelled, so he called to see if I wanted to fish with him. This has been the first time that I have been out fishing all season. Mike had fished the afternoon before and the fish were very active. The difference was that afternoon, it was a few degrees warmer and some sun on the water. The bugs were more active. The following day, it rained and stayed over cast. So the bugs were a little less active as well as the fish. the fishing started slow, but as the day went on, Mike and I started to slam the fish on hare's ear and black copper johns. If I really wanted to catch every fish, the water was perfect for a white woolly bugger. Jason was moving fish in every seam with a woolly bugger. Jason runs the Nemacolin Field Club and is started to really enjoy fly fishing.
The only downfall that happened that day was that my Orvis Hydros had snapped into two pieces. I have broken a few rods before, but never the way it did that day. It snapped in the top blank on a guide. All i was doing was pulling out some slack line. Kind of weird, but that is why I like a 25 year guarantee with Orvis.
Mike will also post some underwater video from his camera as well.