Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Golden Ticket....

Went to another local stream the other night in pursuit of the drakes and they were present as usual. Mike and I met up around 4:00pm to fish and we did pretty well nymphing for the first 2 hours. Between the two of us we had 25-30 fish landed in that run. Then the thunderstorms came by and had us get out of the water. While on the banks, we started to see drakes doing their thing on the surface. Garrett joined us for some dry fly action in the evening. There were alot of March Brown Spinners, Tan Caddis, BWO, and Yellow Sallies flying around. Its getting better each and every day. 
In other news, I was offered a great bird dog puppy for a good rate. I am working on my wife to allow me to get this puppy. Great bloodlines and parents were grand champion grouse dogs. Maybe sometime this week I will have pictures of a new English Setter on the blog to add a new feature to this blog. I plan on journaling my training progress through the blog if I end up with the puppy. Garrett, the newest guide to our operation, has a Gordon Setter. Great looking dog with a good nose. Here is a photo of his setter.


  1. JMP
    I am commenting on your post from the video. I couldn't get the post link to function on the video post, so here goes---thanks for sharing this great video. My hat is off to you for taking the time to carry a youth fishing. Now days very few youth are on the water fishing, because they have too many other distractions to keep them busy or sometimes to get them into trouble. I hope this young man will take up fly fishing as one of his pastimes, because of this trip. Great Post.

  2. Bill,
    Over the past few years that I have been guiding, I have taken out more and more teenagers that want to learn the sport. What I enjoy is seeing their smiles and determination to learn as well. Thanks for enjoying the video too. His mom did a great job. Thanks again bill