Friday, May 13, 2011

Little "J"...

This past week I had the opportunity to fish the Little Juanita twice. The first day being 05-08-11 (Happy Mother's Day MOM) and the second was 05-10-11.
Day 1: Had a chance to fish with two fellow Blogger's Matt and Bill (Grobe's Angling and Adventures). Most of day one was all about the subsurface game, my most consistent set up was a Dun Sulphur with various nymph patterns as the dropper. I think there were enough Sulphurs hatching periodically through out the day it had the fish feeding higher in the water column. So I fished a very shallow dropper rig and it produced. The best fish I caught this day is the very bottom picture. Unfortunately it really never turned on as far as the dry fly actions goes, but still fished well most of the day.
Day 2: This is now only two days later, but the fishing was very different! Early morning produced a decent tan caddis hatch, this had the fish going for at least two hours. Garret and I ( Garret being our newest member of the guide family) were able to cast to some rising fish and hooked and missed a few on the surface. While this was going on I was lucky enough to land my largest trout to date on the "J". Picture Below the snake (we will address that later) this fish fell to my new favorite pattern of the season. We guessed this fish in the 20-22 inch range, and it had decent mass as well. As day two progressed we manged to land a few more on caddis patterns and various nymphs. As evening approached we made our claim to a juicy piece of water in hopes that the sulphurs would show. And show they did, it wasn't quite the full blown sulphur hatch we are used to running into on the Juanita. When the fish finally decided to eat it got crazy, it seemed as if they were eating every bug they seen. It just so happened I had a pattern that was like crack to the fish, and I could do no wrong. It was one of my better evenings of dry fly fishing in a long time! The bulk of the activity happened from 7 pm till after dark, with the 8 o'clock hour being the best. Garret and I had what some may call an epic evening on the water.
As for the snake picture: We had seen something swim across the river about 70 yards down stream. I thought it was a Beaver or Otter, and Garret claimed it was a snake. Curiosity got the best of both of us and we went to take a look, this guy is what we say. A eastern timber Rattle Snake at least 3 feet long. It had made it on the the river bank and still was quite lethargic due to the water temps. We were able to get a few pictures before he got motivated again, then left him alone. It was the largest Rattle Snake I have seen in the wild personally. Sorry for being long winded with this post, had a lot to talk about...

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