Sunday, May 8, 2011

"They're In There...."


Nice Brook Trout after Work...

This guy had alot of spunk..

As soon as the last school bell sounded, I was poised to head up the mountain to get some fishing in. I got to the stream a little bit after 330 pm and fished till around 8pm. The water was up a bit more from the rain the previous evening, but there were alot of bugs in the air. I saw March Browns, Caddis, Stones, and some BWO. The only bad part, none of the fish were looking up. So I put on some nymphs and preceded to do rather well. That Brookie that landed was a solid fish and good fight. He had taken my dropper as did most of the fish that day. The next cast was the story of the day. I hooked this brown that jumped three times and then ran me down stream at least 50 yards. Mike and I gave chase and tired the fellow out since neither one of us had a net. After that, we picked fish up in about every stretch that looked fishy. It was a nice evening to be fishing as well as having the stream pretty much to your self. In the parking lot, I met the only other fisherman that was on the water with us. Richard said he did well nymphing too. Hopefully see you soon on the stream again...
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  1. Thursday was a good day fishing at M.R. I took off work on Monday and hit the same stream.

    A lot of midges and some BWOs. The Prince and the Rainbow Warrior were the go to flies of the day. I only saw one fish rising repeatedly in a very large deep pool.

    I'm taking off Wednesday too. Maybe Laurel Hill....

  2. I heard that is finally starting to fish well to. I will be up there sometime this week.....