Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 2: Introduction to Pheasant

Starting to get her interested in the scent....

By the end of the short 20 minute session, Zoie would hold on a bird for 15 to 25 seconds until I started to move it a little bit. She would also let me stroke her tail upward to frame up her point. I was able to reward her a bit and started to use the "Whoa" command. We will work more on this today a bit to continue to introduce her to birds. After I get her introduced to the birds what is the next progression? Enjoy the pictures. My brother stopped by as well to assist in the training as well as pictures. 
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  1. Right on! a sport I do know all too well.. good luck with your pup..
    question?/tip- Do you ever wrap your training wing in aluminum foil? it hides the scent a tad and controls the bite down pressure..

  2. I will try the aluminum foil. That sound like a practical thing to try. Right now, i am just introducing her to pheasant, chukkar, and quail. She hold holds on point for a decent amount of time as well. Do you have a progression that you use to train your dog?

    Thanks for the suggestion....