Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Addition...

On Thursday, I picked up my English Setter pup. We named her Zoie. She has good energy and a solid nose. I am still working on her and Macie on getting along with each other at the house. I am sure they will work things out eventually. I have been reading up a good bit about training her, but it seems like there are many different views on how to start. It is somewhat overwhelming at times. I can fly fish with the best of them, but this new pup is going to be a challenge and a rewarding experience as well.  Any ideas are welcome. 
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  1. Gorgeous dog! I wish I had training tips for you, but I'm a retriever man, and everyone seems to have their own ways with pointers.

    But I wish you luck and hope to see that things go well in the fall (or next).

    Take care -

  2. thanks casey...I hope things go well enough that she will do ok this fall...only time will tell.

  3. Zoie is a beautiful looking setter! Saw one of your later posts about her, she looks like she's going to have a great twelve o'clock point...she'll be ready in no time. We hunt behind english setters in ND, hunted behind a 8 month old this winter (her and her older bro)...they're just little naturals. I have no advice on training...sorry :-)

  4. Sanders,

    Thanks....she is a good looking dog. Hopefully I can hunt her this fall. I will get her and her and brother on some live birds in a few weeks. That will be a big test early. Still just working on the basic commands.

  5. Just what ever you do don't do a thing Chris Pegg tells you to do. LOL Just kidding. Tell him that Chris Dugan will advise you.. He will get a laugh out of that.