Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Past Week....

Mike, Chuck, and I on the river with the fog rolling in....

Business is picking up a bit more now that people are starting to head out on vacation. This week I had a trip with Garrett and a group of men on the river. We ran into a solid caddis hatch which produced fish for all.
On Saturday, I had taken out Robert Young and his wife for an afternoon trip to our private stream. We had a few strikes and our best success was on a red copper john that afternoon. We tried some buggers but only a few chased. Around 4 o'clock, we were hit with a thunderstorm. At that point, we went back to the resort. Robert's wife, Mary, was a natural and really picked up the casting rather quickly. They are heading out to Montana in a few weeks and she wanted some instruction.

In the picture above, I have been tying alot since school has let out. I needed some rusty spinners in various sizes. I need them from #14 to #24 for the river. I have tied a dozen of each last night while my setter pup was past out. Zoie has been doing well. We have our ups and downs.  Jut working alot of basic obedience and hoping it sticks here soon. My wife is doing a good job with her as well due to the consistency we are using in training her.

Well off to finish my coffee on the deck.  Solid day ahead. Gotta work the dog some and then head to the river. And I'm a good husband and neighbor, cut the grass.

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