Wednesday, June 22, 2011

PM Trip, Angry Bluegill, and Zoie

Had a trip with Greg, Matt, and Aaron on Monday at the river. It was teaming with Caddis, but were a bit gun shy from the pressure from this past weekend. I used some of my CDC Caddis patterns that forced about 30 fish to rise. They did rather well for not having any experience fly fishing. Matt did the best by landing three bows and a brown.

After the trip, Mike and I left the Field Club to check out a pond on property. We caught one bass right at dusk and spooked two nice ones early on. We decided that we threw the mouse pattern too early. So we ended up with a bunch of angry looking Bluegills like this one pictured above. After this post, we are headed to an awesome farm pond for some bass tonight.
Last but not least, Zoie is officially house trained. Her is a picture of her telling it is time to go out. She is progressing rather well. Still working on basic obedience with her. Just picked up a Tri-Tronic collar for training later down the road as well. But none the less, a quick Zoie update.
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  1. Nice post and congrats on training the dog! Not an easy task.

  2. Thanks George. Finally got her to fetch and retrieve for me last night. Hopefully she will do the same with birds down the road...

  3. Just found your blog and really enjoyed reading through some of the older posts. The new dog is what really got me though , I lost a setter that was the spitting image of Zoie a couple of years ago, those pics brought back some great memories....Jeff

  4. Thanks Jeff... Having Zoie around and the enjoyment that I get training her as well as hunting her in the years to come should be rewarding... And you are right...what a wonderful breed and dog...