Thursday, June 16, 2011


Mike working a few fish..

Typical Savage Brown...

After Mike and I landed five in this hole, we both tried working this 20 inch brown. We both missed him. He moved six feet to chase my dry fly. Mike missed him on a dropper. 

Nice Brown that I landed a few holes up. Real hard drift, but saw him rising. Any fish that we saw rise, we caught. Most of the day we blind casted dries in riffles and close to the banks. We had some success. Mike landed the Savage Slam. A Brook, Brown, and Bow. 

I love Fins...

The was was perfect with lots of bugs flying around. Garrett, Mike, AJ, and I did rather well on the river. Lime Sallies, Caddis, Olives, Sulfurs, and etc. Can't wait to get back down there rather soon. Every time I head to this river, I do get better and better. My patterns that I have been tying for here are finally working as well as reducing the micro drag on the fly helps as well. Enjoy the pics...
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  1. Great photos...really enjoyed the post!

  2. Thanks guys... This is my favorite river to fish in the area... It is very challenging and scenic as well.

  3. I like a challenging river. Super satisfaction when you finally get it right.

  4. Blake, so do I... That is why I love fishing the Yough and the savage.