Sunday, July 10, 2011

Could Have Been a Great Day...

Looks exactly like the fish that Joel did as a water color on "A Year on the Fly"....

Sipping Ants on the bank...

What a fish on a dry...

A nice fish on an Rs2...

Went up to Spring Creek on Thursday to be a snob and throw dry flies. Well, it paid off. I did nymph a few runs and that is why I said my day could have been better. I hooked five browns that were close if not over 20+ inches on my special midge pattern. The only part was that my hook sets were not solid, and the fish ran in the faster water. Needless to say I did not land any of them. I also had an equipment malfunction with my reel on the one as well. It was my fault as well. I had the drag set too low and the line went crazy on me when a fish ran.
Ok, I am done ranting about my problems at Spring Creek. We did land numerous other fish. At the Orvis gathering in March, Thomas Baltz, and well known guide and fly tyer for Orvis, hooked us up with some flies at that time. Man, did his Ant pattern produce fish. If you get a chance, you will see him at most of the Fly Fishing shows tying as well. Solid guy to know and one hell of a guide as well.
Yesterday during a trip at the river, I hit a rock with my shin and tumbled into the water. First time I have fallen during a trip ever. My guests got a small chuckle, but my phone was rather soaked. So I am with out my Droid X till tuesday when a new one comes via FedEx. Decent top water action with some Caddis still, but that was affected by the increase of water that was let out of the dam that morning. The bugs happened about 3 hours later than normal. After the trip in the morning and lunch, We headed out to shoot some sporting clays. I must say, it is much easier to break a clay than learning to dry fly fish for the first time. The couple really enjoyed themselves and look to have them back to fish later in the year. 
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  1. Sweet fish , anytime you're catching chunky browns on drys you're living right! Beautiful spots on those fish as well , nice pics.

  2. Thanks Jeff. That place never disappoints....

  3. If you caught all the big ones that day nothing would ever measure up again. Gonna have to get more of Thomas's ant patterns...

  4. Yea. I will need more of that pattern for sure. I think I spent an hour looking up different ant patterns to have up there for the next trip in a few weeks. I have also used wet ants with a lot of success too.

  5. Great post and some smoking awesome trout!

  6. Nice post and browns! I have done the same thing. Trip in the water, soak a phone, and whack my shin. Hurts like hell. My shin hurts just thinking about it.

  7. least today I get my replacement shin is recovering as well. Went to the river last night to chase some rising fish...

  8. I thought I recognized that fish... Seriously nice post. Great looking trip.

  9. Nice looking browns. I really like the photo of the white piping in the bottom photo.