Saturday, August 6, 2011

I've Been Busy...

So over the past month, I have been crazy busy with work. So this post is basically a recap of what has been going on. These are just some highlights among all of the guided trip, casting lessons, tying lessons, and trapping for sporting clays.

Left work with Garrett to help his dad and their friends with the flight pen they have completed for all 800+ pheasants that were loaded in here. 

Flight Pen....

A few weeks ago, we held a PA State Shoot. I saw some unreal competitors shoot a course that not easy. Here is a picture of one of the stations with a tower set up to throw some targets. I actually had a ton of fun working this shoot. I also saw some sweet shotguns.  

Saw this guy on the course. What a big dog for 6 months old. Reminded myself of my parents Fox Red Lab. 

Here is a picture of Skout, Zoie's Dad.

On the Saturday during the PA State Shoot, We set a course earlier in the week for some US Congressmen to shoot sporting clays. I think the most fun that I had was talking to the capital police prior to the event.  This is a photo of our upland hunting preserve. It is roughly 300 acre full of the proper habitat for game birds. 

Liz Triggs celebrating her 50th birthday on a fishing trip with her sister. We did rather well for not having any experience fly fishing before. 

I will never lay tile ever again. My brother and I spent 4 day laying new ceramic tile in my kitchen. 

Mrs. Webster, completed her time at the Orvis Fly Fishing school. This was the following Monday morning on the Yough River. I really liked this photo of the fog early in the morning. She landed 7 or 8 fish on a Caddis Dry. She was probably the most enthusiastic fisherman I have been around as well as a solid fisherman. Dave, the other gentlemen in the fly fishing school had one of the most interesting things I have ever seen. He brought in a chest of flies. Quality ties of some Mid-Western flies. Dave had some experience fly fishing, but got him to throw some serious line by the end of the class. What a great student.  

My dog being stir crazy with the house being a mess due to all of the tile being put in the kitchen. She found two capes of Grizzily and Brown. Fly Tyers and Hair Dressers wept a tear that day. 

Zoie running the preserve. We finally found a rooster.

Larry had taken out a guided trip while Mike and I had a fishing school. Larry and Patrick from the Fly Bible fished the Savage River. They did rather well and landed fish on Hoppers as well. The Fly Bible is a solid site that chronicles Patrick's fishing experiences. What I was most impressed about was his fly tying ability. For only tying for two years, his tying is very strong. I would check out his some of his quality warm water ties. 

My latest trip week. We landed 25+ fish on Beaver Creek. We really got after it. I hope that you enjoyed recap post for this month. I did fish the Savage River Thursday and will post some pictures of Wild Browns. So shortly I will post again. 
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