Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Zoie Loves Birds...

My sister and I went this past Sunday to the mountains. Zoie is listening very well in the field to basic commands. She is flash pointing and holding for a solid 6 or 7 seconds before she attempts to creep up on the bird. Each time we go, she is getting better with holding her point. Been working with Roy Sisler at Hunting Hills. His knowledge and experience is second to none when it comes to developing your dog. I will heading over tomorrow evening for some more work with Zoie. Going to start firing some blanks around her while working some pigeons. 

While at the farm, we flushed five quail and one Rooster Pheasant. Solid morning for sure. She just keeps getting better. In the evening, I met up with Garrett and his Gordan Setter. Flushed four more pheasant at another location. Zoie had a solid point on the third bird. Real stylish for sure.

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Fishing Pictures...

Her first fishing trip ever and she is a natural. 

Celebrating a day on the water with his wife. Probably the most fun I had on the river this summer. This couple was tons of fun.  

Chuck with some pictures from Montana this past August. We are working on a trip for next year this time. 

Nice Brown.

Can't go to Montana with out finding a few Cutts.

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