Monday, November 28, 2011

With Chuck for a Pheasant Hunt....

Jake retrieving a bird back to Chuck. Jake does few rolls after he gives the bird back. It is his way of celebrating.

Jake holding tight on a bird. 

Hunter bringing back a bird as well.

Chuck and his dog, Hunter.

This was an eventful day. I was on bye week during the football season and I had some things I wanted to accomplish.  For starters, I wanted to watch a pheasant hunt to see how Chuck handles his dogs in the field. I asked if I could help out as well as take some photos. It turned out that I had actually taken this couple out on a fishing trip a few years prior to that day. I really enjoyed watching Jake and Hunter work the field. Two different styles. Jake is very aggressive and will just hop around in search of his birds. Hunter will work very close but efficiently in the field. The next behavior i wanted to accomplish was gun breaking my dog. Chuck and I had worked a few nights before to work towards finishing this task that evening.  My next post will have those photos from that as well and Zoie's 1st hunt. 
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