Sunday, February 12, 2012

50 Degree Weather to 6" of Snow....

Talk about a "Deer in Headlights" look.....

Been seeing these few deer about every other night. With the warmer weather that we have been having, I figured that there was more food available. I will see if that is the difference with the six inches of snow outside now.

Last Saturday, Jim and I went to a gun shop in New Florence, PA. he had won a new rifle at a Gun Bash in October, but did not pick it up till now. While at the shop, I was looking for a .22 Long Rifle for general use. I settled on a Savage Mark II .22 Long Rifle. I am very pleased with it as well. Sunday morning, I ran about 250 rounds through it. I need to add a scope at some point, but that will come in time. One feature that I really like is the Accu-Trigger. Really a smooth trigger for sure.

With the snow on the ground and the roads getting kinda nasty out, I made my way to the tying bench. Yesterday I tied about two and half dozen pheasant tails at a size #16. I do not know who is more of a nuisance when I am tying now, my cat ,Sidney, or my Setter, Zoie. Any feather I pull out is getting their full attention. I felt like I was tying in front of a crowd watching every move I made on the vise.

On Wednesday, I stopped in town to grab a few things for tying. I came across UV Knot Sense and the light that accompanies it. The light was rather expensive, but after using it, I am very impressed. It cures in seconds and easy to spread around the fly for application. Below I posted a video that I found on YouTube for some applications that can be used with this product. I personally like the scud pattern and the midge on the video.  Its worth the look.. 


  1. I really like the camera pic of the deer.

    1. I am very happy with the clarity of the camera....hopefully I get a few more of them to show up...